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Summary of Topics and Sessions

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Topic 1

Working cooperatively in Statistics education

Convenors: Lisbeth Cordani (Brazil), Michael Shaughnessy (United States)
1A  Working cooperatively to promote Statistical literacy
 Organisers: Enriqueta Reston (Philippines)
1B  Co-operative efforts involving Statistics, local culture and consumers
 Organisers: Jerry Moreno (United States)
1C  Co-operative efforts involving Statistics and Mathematics education
 Organisers: Maria A Pannone (Italy)
1D  Co-operative efforts involving Statistics teachers & researchers
 Organisers: Evelio Osvaldo Fabbroni (Panama)
1E  Cooperation in statistics education in Latin America
 Organisers: David Ospina (Colombia)
1F  Statistics education journals: cooperating not competing (panel discussion)
 Organisers: W. Robert Stephenson (United States)

Topic 2

Statistics education at the school level

Convenors: Dani Ben-Zvi (Israel)
2A  Successfully implementing statistical education in primary schools
 Organisers: Susan Starkings (United Kingdom)
2B  Successfully implementing statistical education in secondary schools
 Organisers: Roxy Peck (United States)
2C  Real data and project based statistical education
 Organisers: Dani Ben-Zvi (Israel)
2D  The use of technology to enhance the teaching of statistics at school level
 Organisers: Andee Rubin (United States)
2E  Training teachers for statistical education
 Organisers: Katie Makar (Australia)
2F  Developing a curriculum for the meaningful learning of statistics at the school level
 Organisers: Li Jun (China)
2G  Socio-cultural aspects of learning Statistics
 Organisers: Dani Ben-Zvi (Israel)
2H  Local teacher session (Friday 30th June to Saturday 1st July)
 Organisers: Lilia Carolina Costa (Brazil)

Topic 3

Statistics education at the post-secondary level

Convenors: Martha Aliaga (United States), Elisabeth Svensson (Sweden)
3A  Statistics as a service subject in courses
 Organisers: Clarice Garcia Borges Demétrio (Brazil)
3B  Teaching robust methods
 Organisers: Victor J Yohai (Argentina)
3C  Mentoring of graduate students
 Organisers: Shrikant Bangdiwala (United States)
3D  Teaching heterogeneous groups
 Organisers: Elisabeth Svensson (Sweden)
3E  Multivariate statistics
 Organisers: John Harraway (New Zealand)
3F  Teaching nonparametric methods
 Organisers: Noël Veraverbeke (Belgium)
3G  Teaching consultancy skills to statisticians
 Organisers: Edward Rothman (United States)
3H  Statistics learning with cases/projects
 Organisers: Jenny Pange (Greece)
3I  Teaching Bayesian Statistics
 Organisers: Carmen Batanero (Spain)
3J  Sampling for surveys
 Organisers: Martha Aliaga (United States)
3K  Panel debate on teaching Statistics in context
 Organisers: John Harraway (New Zealand)

Topic 4

Statistics education/training and the workplace

Convenors: Pilar Martin-Guzman (Spain), Pedro L do Nascimento Silva (Brazil)
4A  Statistics education and the engineering world
 Organisers: Helen Louise MacGillivray (Australia)
4B  International cooperation in statistical training in the workplace
 Organisers: Pilar Martin-Guzman (Spain)
4C  Statistics in medicine
 Organisers: Cynthia Long (United States)
4D  Statistics for future statisticians
 Organisers: Celina Curti (Argentina)
4E  Statistics for Environmental Science
 Organisers: Liliana Gonzalez (United States)
4F  Improving the statistical literacy of users through their professional activities
 Organisers: Rosa Giaimo (Italy)

Topic 5

Statistics education and the wider society

Convenors: Philip Boland (Ireland), Brian Phillips (Australia)
5A  Statistical literacy: concepts, gaps, indicators
 Organisers: Iddo Gal (Israel)
5B  Statistics education and the statistics profession
 Organisers: Neville Davies (United Kingdom)
5C  Statistics and journalism
 Organisers: Mary Gray (United States)
5D  Statistics education and the world of life and health sciences
 Organisers: Dalene Stangl (United States)
5E  Statistics in the social sciences - Psychology, Sociology
 Organisers: Geoff Cumming (Australia)
5F  Statistics in sport
 Organisers: Robin Lock (United States)
5G  Statistics education in the financial and actuarial world
 Organisers: Juan Manuel López-Zafra (Spain)
5H  Psychological and social issues in the teaching of statistics
 Organisers: Joseph Wisenbaker (United States)

Topic 6

Research in Statistics education

Convenors: Maxine Pfannkuch (New Zealand), Chris Reading (Australia)
6A  Research on statistical reasoning and thinking
 Organisers: Robert delMas (United States)
6B  Research on probabilistic reasoning and thinking
 Organisers: Michel Henry (France)
6C  Research on developing statistical literacy
 Organisers: Flavia Rosamund Jolliffe (United Kingdom)
6D  Researching assessment in Statistics education
 Organisers: James Nicholson (United Kingdom)
6E  Research on the role of technology in learning and teaching statistics
 Organisers: Kay Louise Lipson (Australia)
6F  Theoretical frameworks and Statistics education research
 Organisers: Tim Burgess (New Zealand)
6G  Research methodologies in Statistics education
 Organisers: Tjaart Imbos (Netherlands)
6H  New researchers’ mentoring forum: panel and discussion
 Organisers: ?

Topic 7

Technology in Statistics education

Convenors: Andrej Blejec (Slovenia)
7A  Building and using databases for student analysis
 Organisers: Juana Sanchez (United States)
7B  On-line course and web-based instruction
 Organisers: Gabriella Belli (United States)
7C  General purpose statistical tools for students
 Organisers: Rolf Biehler (Germany)
7D  Interactive software targeting specific statistical concepts
 Organisers: Rodney Carr (Australia)
7E  Technology-intensive curricula and instruction
 Organisers: ?
7F  Principles and theories for the design of learning technologies
 Organisers: David Pratt (England)
7G  The role of simulations in Statistics education
 Organisers: William Finzer (United States)

Topic 8

Other determinants & developments in Statistics education

Convenors: Theodore Chadjipadelis (Greece)
8A  Mass media and statistics
 Organisers: Shir Ming Shen (Hong Kong)
8B  Statistics and the law
 Organisers: Jane L Hutton (United Kingdom)
8C  Projects and competitions in Statistics education
 Organisers: Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris (Cyprus)
8D  History and the teaching of Statistics
 Organisers: Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani (Italy)

Topic 9

An international perspective on Statistics education

Convenors: Ana Silvia Haedo (Argentina), Delia North (South Africa)
9A  Statistics teaching in South America
 Organisers: Ernesto Sánchez (Mexico)
9B  Teaching Statistics in African and other developing countries
 Organisers: Ana Silvia Haedo (Argentina)
9C  Statistics teaching in Asia
 Organisers: Delia North (South Africa)
9D  CensusAtSchool
 Organisers: Doreen Connor (United Kingdom)

Topic 10

Contributed papers

Convenors: Joachim Engel (Germany), Alan McLean (Australia)

Topic 11


Convenors: Carmen Batanero (Spain), Celi Espasandin Lopes (Brazil)

Special Interest Groups

SIG 1   Training Mathematics teachers to teach Statistics in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries
 Organiser: Teresita Evelina Teran
SIG 2   Young Latin American researchers in Statistics education
 Organiser: Blanca R Ruiz Hernández
SIG 3   International research forum on statistical reasoning, thinking and literacy
 Organiser: Dani Ben-Zvi
SIG 4   Curricular development in Statistics education in Latin America
 Organiser: Clayde Regina Mendes

Special Sessions

1   Writing about research: open meeting of the Statistics Education Research Journal
 Organiser: ?
2   Statistics visualization with Cabri-Géomètre II
 Organiser: José Alexandre Martins
3   Open meeting: ICMI/IASE Study on Statistics Education
 Organiser: Bernard R Hodgson
4   The educational activities of the IASE
 Organiser: Brian Phillips
5   SurveyAtSchool
 Organiser: Brad Payne
6   STARS - Statistical resources from real datasets
 Organiser: Penelope Bidgood
7   Software Demonstration
 Organiser: Poobalan Naidoo
8   The educational activities of the ASA
 Organiser: Martha Aliaga
9   Becoming a better referee of journal manuscripts: the SERJ experience
 Organiser: ?
10   Cooperation of IASI to promote statistical education in the American Region
 Organiser: Victor M Guerrero
11   The International Statistical Institute family
 Organiser: Jose A Pinto Martins
12   A web-based statistical literacy learning object
 Organiser: Milo Schield
13   Statistics before your eyes: photographs of statistical concepts
 Organiser: Robert Jernigan

Administrative meetings

1   International Statistical Literacy Project Advisory Committee
 Organiser: Chris Wild
2   Joint ICMI/IASE Study International Programme Committee Meeting
 Organiser: Carmen Batanero
3   Joint ICMI/IASE Study International Programme Committee Meeting
 Organiser: Carmen Batanero
4   IASE Executive 1
 Organiser: Gilberte Schuyten
5   IASE Executive 2
 Organiser: Gilberte Schuyten
6   SERJ editoral board meeting
 Organiser: Iddo Gal