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(Monday 3rd, 12:30-14:00)

Becoming a better referee of journal manuscripts: the SERJ experience



This session is aimed at present referees (reviewers) of manuscripts submitted to the Statistics Education Research Journal (the IASE peer-reviewed research journal), as well as at those who want to become manuscript reviewers or to learn more about the scientific peer-review process and research writing. The workshop will be conducted by the SERJ co-editor and members of the SERJ editorial board. In Part 1 we will discuss what roles referees play in the peer-review process and how the editors, with help from members of the Editorial Board, arrive at an editorial decision. In part 2 we will discuss general notions of what is expected in high-quality papers of different types (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, critical literature reviews), and describe the components and the “critical yet supportive” spirit expected in a referee report. Part 3 will focus on typical problems we see with referee reports and on suggestions for making a report helpful both for the editoral team and for the manuscript authors. Part 4 will allow for questions and answers. As part of the workshop, we will practice some of the ideas on excerpts from submitted manuscripts and referees’ reports.