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This is a session of Topic 6: Research in Statistics education             Full topic list

(Thursday 6th, 10:30-12:30)

Research on the role of technology in learning and teaching statistics



There continues to be widespread development of technologies which have application in the field of probability and statistics education. However, as is the case with any educational innovation, these developments need to be accompanied by:
  • a theoretical analysis of the potential learning outcomes for students;
  • an evaluation of these learning outcomes on the basis of actual student experience with the technology.

The aim of this session then is to:
  • present the results of research focussed on the evaluation of such technology in the teaching of statistics;
  • give educators some insights into what might be considered to be “good” technology;
  • make suggestions about how best to integrate the technology into a learning and teaching strategy.


PaperTitlePresenter(s) / Author(s)
6E1Analysing teaching and learning process for the law of large numbers: implications of using software in teachers educationJuan D Godino (Spain)
Rafael Roa
Ángel M Recio
Francisco Ruiz
Juan L Pareja
6E2Developing a computer interaction to enhance student understanding in statistical inferenceGlenda Francis (Australia)
Sue Kokonis (Australia)
Kay Louise Lipson (Australia)
6E3Saying the same (or a different) thing: how shape affects ideas about distribution in a software exploration environmentAndee Rubin (United States)
James K Hammerman
6E4Investigating the use and usefulness of instant messaging in an elementary statistics courseRachel Cunliffe (New Zealand)