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This is a session of Topic 8: Other determinants & developments in Statistics education             Full topic list

(Wednesday 5th, 11:00-12:30)

Projects and competitions in Statistics education



Statistics is often seen by students as a dull and boring subject. Projects can be extremely motivating and stimulating for students, encouraging them to engage in real, authentic and relevant learning of statistics. At the same time, successful implementation of projects requires very careful planning and serious time commitment on behalf of students and teachers. The main focus of the session will be to discuss the educational potential of projects as well as some of the difficulties and challenges involved in the process of incorporating them in statistics instruction. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Challenges faced by teachers in enacting projects into statistics instruction (time, classroom management, control, support of student learning, technology use, assessment of student learning, etc.)
  • Models and practical advice for successful integration of projects into statistics instruction in ways that enhance the curriculum rather than burdening it
  • Guidelines for successful planning, implementation, and evaluation of projects
  • An interdisciplinary approach to projects (e.g. making connections between statistics and science by participating in science fairs)
  • Research based evidence on the effectiveness of project work on statistics students’ learning, achievement, attitudes and dispositions
  • Examples of successes or failures in using projects

Another part of this session will concern poster and project competitions held locally, nationally, or internationally. Key topics include the following:
  • Description and purpose of different competitions (at all levels, school, university, open)
  • Educational aims of competitions related to statistics instruction
  • Methodology used in running competitions
  • Structure of competitions (e.g. rules and regulations concerning the posters and the participants, prize structure)
  • Methods of assessing contestants’ work (e.g. development of judging rubrics)
  • Examples of past competitions and their winners


PaperTitlePresenter(s) / Author(s)
8C1Developing projects based on students’ data in Introductory StatisticsAklilu Zeleke (United States)
Carl Lee (United States)
John Daniels
8C2Designing, promoting, and implementing a statistics poster competition for pre-college studentsJohn Gabrosek (United States)
8C3Use of projects for teaching social statistics: case studyTheodore Chadjipadelis (Greece)
Ioannis Andreadis