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Statistics education at the school level



Statistics is a significant component of the school curriculum. It is a truly interdisciplinary topic, since it has applications to virtually all other subjects in the school curriculum. Furthermore, statistics is introduced from the start of primary school, even kindergarten in some countries, with topics such as data gathering and pictographs being introduced in the first year of formal schooling. At the other end relatively sophisticated statistical analyses can be taught in the later part of secondary school. In recent years, statistics in school has seen major developments in curriculum, technology, innovative teaching methods, and research on learning and teaching.

Topic 2 sessions will focus on a variety of issues associated with school level statistics, including innovative curriculum and teaching strategies, the use of real data and technology in school statistics, statistics teacher training, CensusAtSchools, project based learning, research on school level statistics, student assessment, and socio-cultural issues. Colleagues attending Topic 2 sessions will have an opportunity to discuss the latest thinking regarding statistics at the school level.


2ASuccessfully implementing statistical education in primary schoolsEfi Paparistodemou (Cyprus)
Susan Starkings (United Kingdom)
2BSuccessfully implementing statistical education in secondary schoolsRoxy Peck (United States)
2CReal data and project based statistical educationDani Ben-Zvi (Israel)
Gail Burrill (United States)
2DThe use of technology to enhance the teaching of statistics at school levelAndee Rubin (United States)
2ETraining teachers for statistical educationKatie Makar (Australia)
2FDeveloping a curriculum for the meaningful learning of statistics at the school levelLi Jun (China)
2GSocio-cultural aspects of learning StatisticsArthur Bakker (United Kingdom)
Dani Ben-Zvi (Israel)
2HLocal teacher session (Friday 30th June to Saturday 1st July)Lisbeth Cordani (Brazil)
Lilia Carolina Costa (Brazil)