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(Tuesday 4th, 18:00--)

Statistics visualization with Cabri-Géomètre II



Nowadays, visualisation is extremely important in helping young students grasp the real meaning of some concepts. Creating an interactive environment and using computational tools in the classroom also help to focus the attention and interest of young learners. One possibility for achieving these goals in a statistics classroom is provided by the exploration of the geometric properties of basic statistical concepts through their graphical representation using dynamic geometry that simultaneously emphasises visualization and interactivity.
Cabri-Géomètre is an important dynamic geometry software package with worldwide distribution. It is relatively easy to use. The software is not too expensive and some calculators (e.g. Texas Instruments) provide a student version. Consequently, just a computer or a calculator along with a projector device makes it possible to accomplish the mentioned goals.
This special session will attempt to help mathematics students and mathematics teachers at all education levels to achieve these objectives, which have an important role in modern teaching of statistics. Points in the presentation will include:
  • A brief introduction to Cabri and basic Cabri tools;
  • Exploring the geometric properties of mean, median, mode, linear regression and graphs;
  • Suggesting new Cabri applications for exploring the mentioned basic geometric properties of statistical concepts;
  • Reflecting about the use of these applications in a classroom (including their interdisciplinary potential) and possible improvements;
  • Discussing other possible applications of dynamic geometry in statistics.