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(Tuesday 4th, 12:30-14:00)

A web-based statistical literacy learning object


  • Cynthia Schield (United States)
  • Milo Schield (United States)


The 2002 Statistical Literacy Survey found that students, data analysts and college teachers need help in forming ordinary-English descriptions and comparisons of the rates and percentages presented in tables and graphs. The W. M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project developed a web-based drill program that decodes students descriptions and comparisons and that gives users feedback on their errors. Students for whom English is not their native language may find this program very helpful. This statistical literacy learning object may be useful to students in the social sciences who need to be able to communicate statistical summaries involving rates and percentages. The goal of this workshop is to introduce users to the on-line program as a learning object. Those who complete this workshop should have the material they need to duplicate this workshop at their home institution.