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(Monday 3rd, 18:30--)(Thursday 6th, 12:30-14:00)

Curricular development in Statistics education in Latin America

(Portuguese and Spanish)



Statistics and Probability are currently being introduced in most basic education curricula in Latin America. Unfortunately, the didactical approach and consequent work in the classrooms is in general limited to the teaching and learning of information display in tables and graphs. A similar situation is visible in higher education, where the links between statistics and other topics are not made explicit in most careers including statistics courses, so that student consider statistics courses as a lost time.

Using Internet resources we created a forum to offer curriculum designers and statistics teachers the possibility of knowing and exchanging experiences from basic to high level of education. The aim is looking for didactical strategies to aboard statistics and probability from the approach recommended in statistics education. Along ICOTS7 week we also will discuss different elements that should be considered in developing curricular proposals for basic and higher educational levels, so as to assure the training of informed and critical citicens,