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Technology in Statistics education



Modern technology continues to impact all aspects of our lives. This topic explores how various technologies have changed how students learn statistics, and what the educational possibilities might be for new and emerging technologies. These developments include the innovative use of the internet as a means of widespread distribution of software, learning materials, and data, of new devices that blur the distinction between calculators and computers, and of powerful software tools designed specifically for students. Session topics will explore instructional implementations at various scales, with an emphasis on research that explores the extent and impact on student thinking in technology-rich environments.


7ABuilding and using databases for student analysisJuana Sanchez (United States)
7BOn-line course and web-based instructionGabriella Belli (United States)
7CGeneral purpose statistical tools for studentsRolf Biehler (Germany)
7DInteractive software targeting specific statistical conceptsRodney Carr (Australia)
7ETechnology-intensive curricula and instructionAnthony Paul Harradine (Australia)
7FPrinciples and theories for the design of learning technologiesDavid Pratt (England)
7GThe role of simulations in Statistics educationWilliam Finzer (United States)