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This is a session of Topic 3: Statistics education at the post-secondary level             Full topic list

(Tuesday 4th, 10:30-12:30)

Panel debate on teaching Statistics in context



There are two trade-offs within the world of data based scientific research. One is between a teacher-centred approach which transmits knowledge and a student-centred approach which may facilitate learning within a research design context. A second trade-off is between learning research skills and transmitting or teaching statistics. This session will take the form of a debate with audience participation over the teaching of statistics in context. It will involve four panelists, all experienced teachers of statistics, who will debate the two positions:
  • The ‘Statistics Teacher’ is an obsolete phenomenon and will be replaced by the ‘Research Facilitator’
  • Learning research skills is more effective than learning statistics in a classical service course.
At stages during the presentations the audience will vote on the pro’s and con’s of the persuasiveness of the arguments in what promises to be a lively, interesting and controversial exchange.

Panel discussion

3K1Johan Anton Van Buuren (Netherlands)                                        
3K2Neville Davies (United Kingdom)                                        
3K3Peter Petocz (Australia)                                        
3K4John Harraway (New Zealand)