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Research in Statistics education



The increasing importance of Statistics Education Research is demonstrated by IASE’s support of the Satellite Conferences at ISI Sessions, the International Series of Statistical Reasoning, Thinking and Literacy Research (SRTL) Forums and the developing Statistics Education Research Journal (SERJ). While familiar notions such as statistical literacy appear in these sessions more emphasis at this ICOTS meeting will be placed on the development aspect and will include reasoning and thinking aspects in both statistics and probability in learning environments.

Two particular focus sessions are understanding of variation and the ever important research into assessment. Two new directions are to be taken in these sessions, focusing on research as a discipline in statistics education and on those researchers who are new to the field. Sessions on methodologies, frameworks and longitudinal studies relating to research in statistics education will be complemented by a forum for researchers new to the statistics education field by providing mentoring through a panel and small group discussions with experienced researchers.


6AResearch on statistical reasoning and thinkingRobert delMas (United States)
6BResearch on probabilistic reasoning and thinkingMichel Henry (France)
6CResearch on developing statistical literacyFlavia Rosamund Jolliffe (United Kingdom)
6DResearching assessment in Statistics educationJames Nicholson (United Kingdom)
6EResearch on the role of technology in learning and teaching statisticsKay Louise Lipson (Australia)
6FTheoretical frameworks and Statistics education researchTim Burgess (New Zealand)
6GResearch methodologies in Statistics educationTjaart Imbos (Netherlands)
6HNew researchers’ mentoring forum: panel and discussionJoan Garfield (United States)