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(Thursday 6th, 12:30-14:00)

Cooperation of IASI to promote statistical education in the American Region



The Inter-American Statistical Institute (IASI) is a professional organization whose purpose is to promote statistical development in the American region. It seeks the following objectives:
  • development and strenghthening of the statistical profession;
  • promotion and dissemination of advances in statistical theory and methods;
  • improvement in the methodology for production of both governmental and non-governmental statistics;
  • promotion of measures aimed at improving the comparability and availability of economic and social statistics among the nations of the region;
  • cooperation with national and international organizations in activities aimed at statistical improvement in the region.
Information about IASI history, aims, structure, activities, publications and impact on the field of statistics in the American region will be provided.

Participants: Victor M. Guerrero (President IASI), Evelio Fabbroni (Panama, Technical Secretary IASI), Pedro Silva (Brazil, Past President IASI), Pedro Morettin (Brazil, Past President IASI).