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Statistics education at the post-secondary level



The subject statistics is a multidimensional concept, and involves statistical science, theory, methodology as well as practical statistical skills applied to different disciplines. The topic ìteaching statistics at the post secondary levelî will have different meanings dependent on the discipline, the aim of the education, the statistical method, the theoretical and applied level of statistics. Hence, this topic covers a wide variety of students, statistical contents and theoretical levels.

Inter-disciplinary cooperation between researchers, teachers and users will often be a prerequisite of a successful education. The aim of this topic at ICOTS-7 is to provide multi-disciplinary and multi-conceptual examples of teaching statistics at the post secondary level. Sessions for different applications and levels, for future statisticians and for non-statistical students are planned. Educational techniques such as case studies, projects, problem-based learning and learning by computers will be presented. The teaching of non-parametric methods, multivariate methods, and models will also be on the schedule. The goal is to engage statistics educators - those affiliated in statistics departments as well as in other departments - in a discussion concerning the statistics curriculum and the teaching techniques.


3AStatistics as a service subject in coursesClarice Garcia Borges Demétrio (Brazil)
3BTeaching robust methodsVictor J Yohai (Argentina)
3CMentoring of graduate studentsShrikant Bangdiwala (United States)
3DTeaching heterogeneous groupsChristina Andersson (Sweden/Germany)
Elisabeth Svensson (Sweden)
3EMultivariate statisticsJohn Harraway (New Zealand)
3FTeaching nonparametric methodsNoël Veraverbeke (Belgium)
3GTeaching consultancy skills to statisticiansEdward Rothman (United States)
3HStatistics learning with cases/projectsJenny Pange (Greece)
3ITeaching Bayesian StatisticsCarmen Batanero (Spain)
Pilar Iglesias (Chile)
3JSampling for surveysAlfredo Aliaga (United States)
Martha Aliaga (United States)
3KPanel debate on teaching Statistics in contextJohn Harraway (New Zealand)