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(Tuesday 4th, 12:30-14:00)

The educational activities of the IASE



Since the IASE became a section of the ISI in 1993, it has been responsible for the organisation of all statistical education activities run by the ISI. In recent years the IASE has come of age as a professional organisation with its own research journal, SERJ, and organises many international conferences, most with refereed papers. These include ICOTS meetings held every four years, Round Table Conferences held in association with ICME conferences, sessions at the ISI bi-annual meetings and satellite meetings held prior to ISI sessions. It also sponsors or organises sessions at other conferences such as ICME and JSM. As well as proceedings from these conference sessions, the IASE publications include the IASE Review, an annual review of IASE activities, regular newsletter items in the ISI newsletter and an insert in the journal Teaching Statistics called IASE Matters. The IASE web site is the main source of information about statistics education which includes all IASE activities and proceedings, and now is building a comprehensive archive of doctoral dissertations in Statistics Education.

The IASE has a list of international correspondents to help disseminate information about IASE activities and provides support, for other statistical education activities such as the International Research Forum on Statistical Reasoning, Thinking and Literacy, SRTL, and gives advice for other conferences around the world with statistics education themes. This talk will discuss the main IASE activities.