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This paper is from Session 7A: Building and using databases for student analysis
which comes under Topic 7: Technology in Statistics education             Full topic list

(Friday 7th, 10:30-12:30)

Teaching Statistics using a real-time on-line database created by students



  • Felix Famoye


The advancement of computer technology creates unlimited opportunities for teaching and learning statistical concepts. A significant impact is the paradigm shift from a passive teaching-centered to an active learning-centered environment. Although one should not make a paradigm shift solely for the sake of technology, there is no doubt that technology will play a crucial role in this transformation. Research has suggested that meaningful learning takes place when students are actively involved in constructing knowledge themselves through their own experiences and active participation. This article proposes an active learning environment for introductory statistics courses using an online real-time database created by students. The experience of implementing the active learning activities using the real-time online database will be shared. Some strengths and weaknesses will be discussed.