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This paper is from Session 8D: History and the teaching of Statistics
which comes under Topic 8: Other determinants & developments in Statistics education             Full topic list

(Monday 3rd, 16:00-18:00)

Fifteen years of IASE: mission and instruments




Statistics education (interpreted in the broadest sense possible) promotes the understanding of the basic concepts of statistics in society at large, as well as in other discipline areas and /or in other professional bodies and contributes to giving statistics more visibility. In order to further the improvement of statistics education at all levels and in all contexts, the International Statistical Institute (ISI) established in 1949 the Committee on Statistical Education, which ceased to exist in 1991 when the International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) was founded. In this paper we describe the work carried out by this association, and its role in promoting both statistics education and research in statistics education. It is mainly based on information available on the IASE web site, editorials and reports in the yearly IASE Reviews.