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This paper is from Session 5G: Statistics education in the financial and actuarial world
which comes under Topic 5: Statistics education and the wider society             Full topic list

(Tuesday 4th, 16:00-18:00)

Statistics education for actuaries: the syllabus frame




Access to the actuarial profession varies widely across countries. This causes actuaries difficulties in being recognized outside their country of origin, showing a paradox in the frame of the European Union that bans the barriers in the labor market. With the aim of solving the problem, the Groupe Consultatif Européen, a European actuarial association, has developed a Core Syllabus that states the basics of what an actuary must know wherever its origin. What we discuss here is the importance of statistics in the education of actuaries. The paper is organized as follows. After an introduction where the actuarial profession is defined and the different ways of access to it are shown, we will go through the description of the Core Syllabus, paying special attention to the contents of the statistics topics. We will go then into a description of the present situation in Spain, just before the concluding remarks.