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(Thursday 6th, 08:30-10:00)
Chair: John Harraway

Cooperation and conflict in Environmental Statistics



Note: Due to a sudden unexpected problem Bryan is unable to attend the conference; his paper will be presented by Lyman McDonald.

Statistics often plays a major role when an environmental problem is being discussed. Typically, managers would like to take actions that are expected to reduce the problem, but the available data are not sufficient to show clearly what those actions should be. In addition, there are various interested parties that have good reasons for favouring particular management actions, or no actions at all. It helps if a statistician is involved in situations like this, providing that they are open minded about the conclusions that can be drawn from the data. The input that they can provide includes suggestions for improved methods for sampling and analysis, and acting as a referee when it comes to assessing alternative conclusions from the available data. In this talk I will discuss the role of a statistical consultant working in the environmental area, based on my experiences over the last 20 years.