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(Monday 3rd, 08:30-10:00)
Chair: Daniel P Berze

Statistical education for doing Statistics professionally: some challenges and the road ahead



Statistical education for doing Statistics professionally requires us to consider a number of questions: first, who will be doing Statistics professionally? Second, how do we approach each type of public and get them to learn what is important about doing Statistics professionally. Third, how do we strengthen Statistics by enlarging the good practice? These are some of the questions and challenges facing Statistical education, which we have to address. At the same time, major opportunities for development are opening up: a large and growing set of statistical tools is available; fields of application are expanding; improved technology is available for statistical education (e.g. via distance learning); abundant data and examples may be used for motivation and practice. Meeting the challenges and exploiting these opportunities will require extensive collaboration between "traditional" Statistics Education and many other fields, from computer science and mathematics, psychology and cognitive research, management science, and scientists and educators broadly. Hence we must ask ourselves whether we are doing enough to meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities that we foresee, paving the road for an even brighter future of Statistics.

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