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   (Thursday 6th, 10:30-12:30)

Two battles . . . two victories: how to learn probabilities through a familiar game


Lucília Teles, Margarida César



The beginning of the school year is a crucial time for grasping students’ interest and attention regarding class work. This research took place in two 9th grade classes (n=38 students) from two different schools and realities. The task, which was the same in both cases, was the first of the school year. This task also marked the beginning of a new working methodology: collaborative work. Students played the Warship game in order to learn certain concepts related to the probability of an event. The game was followed by some questions about it, connecting intuitive and formal notions. Students were deeply engaged in the task because they love to play games. This way of beginning the school year was very stimulating for them. They felt comfortable learning Mathematics. We also observed that students did not reject the task and they did not experience any difficulty in these mathematical contents.