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   (Monday 3rd, 14:00-15:30)

Statistical graphics and experimental data


Emily Nikolic-Doric, K Cobanovic, Z Lozanov-Crvenkovic



Statistical graphics play an important role in many fields of statistical work. Statistical graphics are used both in the teaching statistics, as well as, in the research. Data analysis based on graphics is the first step in many statistical investigations. Statistical graphs are usual form of visual communication. In the utilization of statistical graphs the emphasis is focused either on the presentation of data or their analysis. The primary function of graphs was the visual presentation of data. But, with the development and application of electronic computers and software the analytical function of graphs has increasing importance (Schmid, 1983). Today’s graphical techniques allow comparisons between groups of data. Box-and-whisker plot is simple graphical method that is introduced to students in teaching descriptive statistics as useful exploratory data analysis tool for studying main characteristics of distribution detecting outliers and extreme values. This paper considers application of this diagram and its categorized form (trellis diagram) in analysis and modelling data from designed experiments in agriculture.