Research in statistics education



More and more policymakers and companies ask for data and modelling in context to make their decisions evidence-based. In the context of statistics education this implies there is a need for research that informs stakeholders in education about what works and what is relevant. What counts as evidence in different communities, however, differs widely, but a well-developed and accessible research literature is clearly essential for promoting the field of statistics education. This ICOTS topic will therefore pay particular attention to the development of statistics education research, examining current research problems, directions for future areas of inquiry, and the use of theoretical models on which our research might be based. In addition to including sessions on teaching and learning statistics and probability, and the role of technology, we also plan a session on publishing in research journals.


8AResearch on developing students’ statistical reasoning in primary and middle schoolDani Ben-Zvi (Israel)
Sibel Kazak (Turkey)
8BResearch on developing students’ statistical reasoning at secondary and tertiary levelsDani Ben-Zvi (Israel)
Sibel Kazak (Turkey)
8CMaking sense of riskCliff Konold (United States)
Dave Pratt (United Kingdom)
8DResearch on technology in statistics educationRobert Gould (United States)
8ETheoretical frameworks in statistics education researchTim Burgess (New Zealand)
8FResearch methodologies in statistics educationTjaart Imbos (Netherlands)
8GNew researchers’ mentoring forum: panel and discussionJoan Garfield (United States)
8HHow to publish research in statistics education journals (panel)Arthur Bakker (The Netherlands)
Flavia Jolliffe (United Kingdom)
8IResearch into learning statistics in vocational educational and trainingArthur Bakker (The Netherlands)
8JEvidence-based statistical practiceFiona Fidler (Australia)