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This is a session of Topic 8: Research in statistics education

(Monday 12th, 11:00-12:30)

New researchers’ mentoring forum: panel and discussion



This session will bring together some experienced researchers in statistics education from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds to share their experiences and give advice to beginning researchers in this area. A general panel discussion of current research issues and important questions will be followed by small discussion groups of new researchers, facilitated by a senior researcher.

These researchers will respond to specific questions and provide mentoring advice for them. The type of issues discussed by the panel will include: narrowing down good research questions, appropriate methodologies to use, the role of comparative studies, the benefits of collaboration, research resources to utilize, and strategies for publishing research papers.

Panel discussion

8G1Andee Rubin (United States)                                        
8G2Dani Ben-Zvi (Israel)                                        
8G3Maxine Pfannkuch (New Zealand)                                        
8G4Arthur Bakker (The Netherlands)