Group C3B (Monday 14th, 13:45-15:45)  Chair: Will Probert
C116  A review of probability and statistics apps for mobile devicesHoward Edwards (New Zealand)
C120  Excel simulation as a tool in teaching sampling distributions in introductory statisticsLeslie Chandrakantha (United States)
C148  Simulation illogic repairedPatricia B. Humphrey (United States)
C178  On-line homework in probability and statistics: WeBWorK incorporating RBruce Dunham (Canada)Davor Cubranic
Djun Kim
C219  Teaching NHST vs Bayesian inference in post-secondary technology programsJohn H. Mott (United States)Erin E. Bowen
C266  The garden sprinkler: an interactive web-based application for teaching design of experimentsKoen Rutten (Belgium)Bart De Ketelaere
Karl Siebertz
David van Bebber

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