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   (Monday 14th, 13:45-15:45)   In session C3B

On-line homework in probability and statistics: WeBWorK incorporating R


Davor Cubranic, Bruce Dunham, Djun Kim


Bruce Dunham (Canada)


WeBWorK is an open source on-line homework application supported by the Mathematical Association of America. There are presently tens of thousands of problems freely available on mathematical topics in WeBWorK, but very few in the areas of probability and statistics. An on-going project has developed a wide range of homework questions for courses in the statistical sciences and has augmented WeBWorK to enable its communication with the statistical computing software R. This integration allows WeBWorK access to R’s rich facilities for statistical data manipulation, analysis, and visualization and hence permits the creation of probing and diverse problems in statistical science. The application is described in detail here, including examples of questions, technical issues, and student and faculty feedback.