Contributed paper list

   (Monday 14th, 13:45-15:45)   In session C3B

The garden sprinkler: an interactive web-based application for teaching design of experiments


Bart De Ketelaere, Karl Siebertz, David van Bebber, Koen Rutten


Koen Rutten (Belgium)


Most exercises for teaching students Response Surface Methodology deal with setting up the experiment itself or analyzing the data after the fact. As such, the experience of “learning-by-doing” and drawing intermediate conclusions is lost. For this reason a web-based application was developed, based on a real-life problem dealing with the multi-objective optimization of a garden sprinkler having 8 design parameters and 3 responses. Participants interact with the tool to get the response data for their own designs. Depending on the choice of the considered response(s), different design parameters are active and should be analyzed. By inserting a design into the application, the corresponding responses are generated and can be used for analysis and follow-up experimentation. The tool has been successfully used both in company training and academic courses.