Invited talks are arranged under various sessions organizer by Topic.

Topic 1 : Sustaining strengths and building capacity in statistics education
Convenors: James Baglin (RMIT University), Iddo Gal (University of Haifa), Jessica Utts (University of California, Irvine)

Topic 2 : Statistics education at school level
Convenors: Pip Arnold (Cognition Education Limited), Jill Fielding-Wells (University of Tasmania), Michael Shaughnessy (Portland State University)

Topic 3 : Education and development of staff who teach statistics
Convenors: Jennifer Noll (Portland State University), Delia North (University of KwaZulu-Natal), M Gabriella Ottaviani (Sapienza University of Rome)

Topic 4 : Statistics education at the post-secondary level
Convenors: Michael Forster (University of Auckland), Sibel Kazak (University of Exeter), Noël Veraverbeke (Universiteit Hasselt)

Topic 5 : Statistics education in the disciplines and the workplace
Convenors: Aleša Lotrič Dolinar (University of Ljubljana), Irena Ograjenšek (University of Ljubljana), Richard Wilson (University of Queensland)

Topic 6 : Innovation and reform in teaching probability within statistics
Convenors: Egan Chernoff (University of Saskatchewan), Efi Paparistodemou (Ministry of Education), Peter Petocz (Macquarie University)

Topic 7 : Statistical literacy in the wider society
Convenors: Robert C delMas (University of Minnesota), Sebastian Kuntze (Ludwigsburg University of Education), Michiko Watanabe (Keio University)

Topic 8 : Research in statistics education
Convenors: Joachim Engel (Ludwigsburg University of Education), Maxine Pfannkuch (University of Auckland), Lucía Zapata-Cardona (University of Antioquia)

Topic 9 : Technology in statistics education
Convenors: Dani Ben-Zvi (University of Haifa), Rolf Biehler (University of Paderborn), Will Probert (Pennsylvania State University)

Topic 10 : Innovative collaboration in statistics education
Convenors: Jun Li (Deakin University), Alejandra Sorto (Texas State University), Temesgen Zewotir (University of KwaZulu-Natal)

There are also sessions of Contributed papers, as well as a collection of Posters.