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   (Monday 14th, 13:45-15:45)   In session C3B

Teaching NHST vs Bayesian inference in post-secondary technology programs


John H. Mott, Erin E. Bowen


John H. Mott (United States)


While literature demonstrating the weaknesses inherent in null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) and Frequentist statistical analysis is extant, NHST is still the predominant statistical methodology employed for research in the social sciences. Although Bayesian inference as a means of statistical analysis has made inroads in the scholarly literature in some social science disciplines, the use of Bayesian data analysis in the area of technology is limited. This article examines the advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of Bayesian methods in postsecondary technology programs, and concludes that there are significant advantages to the teaching of such methods. The authors recommend a blended approach, whereby both techniques are taught and applied to practical problems.