Data and context in statistics education: towards an evidence-based society



This topic emphasizes the main theme of the conference: “Data and context in statistics education: towards an evidence-based society”. With the increasing amount of information now available, this has become crucial in decision-making in all areas of life. In this topic special attention will be given to evidence based decisions in areas including medicine, statistics education research, public policy, business and industry, practice, statistical literacy, the international statistical literacy project and for the use of context by statistical educators.


1AEvidence-based medicineGlenn Jones (Canada)
Katrina Sharples (New Zealand)
1BEvidence-based policy makingSharleen Forbes (New Zealand)
1CEvidence-based managementRon Kenett (Italy)
1DThe researcher/practitioner gapGilberte Schuyten (Belgium)
1FCreating an evidence-based societyJuana Sanchez (United States)
1GLies, damn lies, statistics: lessons from past and present for the futureIrena Ograjenšek (Slovenia)
1HPresident’s session: challenges and opportunities for statistics education and the IASEDenise Lievesley (United Kingdom)