This paper is from Session 4E: Heterogeneity of student levels
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which comes under Topic 4: Statistics education at the post secondary (tertiary) level

(Thursday 15th, 11:00-12:30)

Medical students and statistics challenges in teaching, learning and assessment



Over the last fifteen years, graduate entry programmes for admission to undergraduate MBBS courses have become increasingly popular in the UK. At St. George’s, University of London, students entering the graduate entry MB BS programme will have a first degree in any discipline whilst some have further degrees. Challenges typically arise when teaching and learning medical statistics. Students do not necessarily expect to study statistics at medical school, whilst confidence and expertise varies depending on the student’s previous degree and how long ago they studied mathematics. The presentation will focus on how teaching of medical statistics when integrated with the basic and clinical sciences, plus learning through group work can help address heterogeneity in students. In particular students are encouraged to be independent, identifying and meeting their own individual learning needs in order to progress.