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This is a session of Topic 6: Statistics education, training and the workplace

(Wednesday 14th, 11:00-13:00)

Preparing for the world of work: lessons for statistics education from beyond the field



This session focuses on the role of statistics education in preparing for the world of professional work — not only for students completing a major in statistics, but also in situations such as psychologists taking statistics subjects throughout their degree, engineers studying specific statistical techniques and approaches, or medical students doing a five-week introduction to statistical methods. In particular, the session looks at ideas and research from other areas of professional education that can be used in statistics education, a form of “cross-fertilization” that does not seem to be so common in the statistics education arena. Previous research indicates that programs in higher education may have ritual as well as rational relationships to work life, i.e. some students recognize substantive as well as generic preparations for work life, whereas some have difficulties identifying any common elements between the studies and tasks that they encounter in work life. There are also indications that students’ conceptions of their education and coming profession have an impact on their learning and conceptions of knowledge as well as their professional identity. We would like to invite educators and researchers from beyond the discipline of statistics education to help us explore such cross-disciplinary aspects of professional preparation.


PaperTitlePresenter(s) / Author(s)
6G1Lessons from medicine for training professional statisticiansAlison Gibbs (Canada)
Tim Guimond (Canada)
6G2Applying a model of professional learning to case studies in statistics educationAnna Reid (Australia)
Peter Petocz (Australia)
Lars Owe Dahlgren (Sweden)
Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren (Sweden)
6G3Statistical training for non-statistical staff at the Office for National StatisticsGemma Hamilton (United Kingdom)
6G4The importance of teaching statistics in a professional contextKay Lipson (Australia)
Glenda Francis (Australia)