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This is a session of Topic 10: An international perspective on statistics education

(Thursday 15th, 11:00-12:30)

Statistics education in Africa



Statistics has a particularly crucial role to play in Africa where monitoring and evaluating of objectives and activities are essential to measure progress of projects undertaken to alleviate poverty. The need for statistics education is particularly felt when the country’s government system requires an ever increasing need for employees with varying levels of statistics expertise to work towards “evidence based governance”. That is, where decisions are made, funds allocated and projects approved based on quantitative evidence. Accordingly, statistics education in Africa is facing a critical challenge to meet with its ever increasing need for statisticians to manage national statistical services and to help to utilize official statistics that are required for decision and policy making.
Session presenters will:
  • Open up discussions on the challenges of statistics education in Africa using experiences from one or more particular African countries.
  • Propose possible approaches to overcome the challenges.
  • Discuss the latest developments in teaching statistics to enhance the much needed statistical training in Africa.
Moreover, the session participants will:
  • Formulate priorities and give recommendations for statistical education in Africa.
  • Outline future research and discussion topics about statistics education in Africa.


PaperTitlePresenter(s) / Author(s)
10B1Statistics education in Africa: a case study with reference to EthiopiaEshetu Wencheko (Ethiopia)
Temesgen Zewotir (South Africa)
10B2Statistics education in South African high schoolsMbulaheni Nthangeni (South Africa)
Shaun Ramroop (South Africa)
10B3Statistics in Ugandan schools: challenges on instruction and assessmentCharles Opolot-Okurut (Uganda)