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Data handling and statistics in external assessments


Mojca Suban Ambrož, Sonja Rajh, Jerneja Bone


Mojca Suban Ambrož (Slovenia)


The paper presents a selection of data handling and statistics tasks at elementary and secondary level of education. These tasks were used on the national external examinations in mathematics in elementary school, high school and vocational schools in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009. In most cases we give the goals to the task of examining, classification of tasks in the appropriate taxonomic level (Gagne’s taxonomic classification), the index of difficulty and discrimination index. In addition, we present findings of a qualitative analysis of the students’ work in the example of two examination tasks. The analysis studies students’ task-solving strategies, peculiarities in completing the tasks as well as typical and repeated errors students have made. The paper concludes with some findings regarding the representation of data handling and statistics on the external examinations, the students’ performance and a list of terminology used.