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Life after graduation: do statisticians fare better than other graduates in the Brazilian labor market?


Sonoe Sugahara, Kaizô Beltrão


Sonoe Sugahara (Brazil)


In this text we analyze the situation of statisticians vis-à-vis other university degree holders with respect to some characteristics in the labor market, using indicators such as salary, formal labor market links, economic sector of employment, position in the occupation and spatial distribution among the Brazilian states. Female statisticians seem to fare better than their male counterpart when compared to other graduates with respect to salaries. The gender gap is smaller for statisticians than for all graduates considered together. But in general when considering the insertion in the labor market, Brazilian statisticians of both sexes fare better than other university graduates: the proportion of Statisticians in informal jobs is proportionally smaller. On the other hand, the proportion of statisticians holding positions that do not require a university degree is slightly higher than that of all graduates.