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Analysis of a basic statistic course using item response theory


Dalton Andrade, Marcos Magalhães


Dalton Andrade (Brazil)


The objective of this study is to evaluate students’ learning from the contents presented in class. Data from undergraduate students were collected in three consecutive years since 2005 and from five different careers in the area of Mathematics. For a sample of these students, who successful completed the two basic classes in statistics, a test was applied 3 months after the end of the school year. It was composed of 50 true-false items divided as follows: 19 items on descriptive statistics and measures for random variables, 17 items on probability and random variables and 14 items on statistical inference. A two-parameter item response model was considered and 36 out of the 50 items were selected to build a scale measuring students’ basic statistics concepts knowledge. Also, we discuss the difference among the students from the five different careers and the suggestions to improve the teaching-learning process.