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   (Friday 16th, 08:20-09:20)

Statistics learning and batiks: an innovative way of doing mathematics


Lucília Teles, Margarida César


Lucília Teles (Portugal)


Students should appropriate statistics knowledge through diverse/meaningful learning experiences connected to their daily life. We discuss an intercultural and interdisciplinary project (IDMAMIM) developed in Granada (Spain), Pisa (Italy) and Lisbon (Portugal). We focus on the Portuguese data. Statistics learning was based on the elaboration of batiks. We assume an interpretative approach and a case study design. Participants were students from the 8th/9th grades (12/14-yearolds), their mathematics teachers, teachers from other subjects, external observers and significant others. Students worked in small groups. Data were collected through observation (audio/video taped; photographed), questionnaires, interviews, documents, reports and students’ protocols. Results, based on the analysis of a statistical task, illuminate how an intercultural micro-project could promote group work and statistics learning, engaging students in a common project.