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   (Thursday 15th, 08:20-09:20)

Meta database for datasets regarding statistical education


Peter Pipelers, Ellen Deschepper, Heidi Wouters, Olivier Thas, Jean-Pierre Ottoy


Peter Pipelers (Belgium)


This project involves collecting didactic examples and datasets in the statistical field used for educational motives. Teachers often find it hard to come across good example datasets, accompanied with metadata of the collection procedure, the statistical methods used to analyze the data, which specific problems must be taken into account when conducting the analysis and specific background information regarding the dataset. The core of the project is the realization of a meta database, classifying the data and metadata with their sources (book, research and consultancy assignments), and the implementation of a user-friendly environment to generate structured search requests on the properties of the analyses on the (MySQL) database using a graphical user interface (Java Swing). The generic structure of the database allows to add analyses in conformity with the database design.