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Aspects of statistical literacy between competency measures and indicators for conceptual knowledge: empirical research in the project “RIKO-STAT”


Sebastian Kuntze, Joachim Engel, Laura Martignon, Martin Gundlach


Sebastian Kuntze (Germany)


Competencies in the area of statistical literacy have been the subject of several studies which have succeeded in establishing competency measure instruments. However, the approaches differ from each other. Moreover, even though there is a body of research on conceptual knowledge potentially linked with components of statistical literacy, there is a need of collecting empirical evidence on the role of conceptual knowledge for the development of statistical literacy. Consequently, in the research work of the project RIKO-STAT, we focus on the interrelatedness of conceptual knowledge in different areas and the competency of using representations and models in statistical contexts. In the first phase of the project, more than 450 primary students, 600 secondary students and 350 university students were assessed. The paper reports on goals and on the design of the first phase of RIKO-STAT as well as on preliminary empirical results.