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The impact of video-based resources in teaching statistics: A comparative study of undergraduates to postgraduates


Norhayati Baharun, Anne Porter


Norhayati Baharun (Australia)


This paper presents the results of a study investigating the use of video-based resources in teaching statistics. This study compares two cohorts of students, which were eighty-six postgraduate, and eighty-nine undergraduate students who enrolled in the subject of introductory statistics at the University of Wollongong. The comparison is based on the impact of learning resources, in particular video resources towards the student learning outcomes and student understanding of topics as well as confidence and anxiety in the subject. At the end of session, students were asked to participate in an online survey via E-learning site. The results showed significant differences in the impact of video resources between postgraduate and undergraduate students. Postgraduate students were much more confident and less anxious compared to undergraduate students after completing this subject.