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   (Thursday 15th, 08:20-09:20)

Analysis of activity at statistical literacy: contributions of the activity theory


Aida Carvalho Vita, Eurivalda Santana, Irene Cazorla, Silvana Oliveira


Irene Cazorla (Brazil)


This paper analyzes the actions, whilst activities concern Statistical Literacy were applied. The analysis was based on the Activity Theory using the Engeström’s complex model of an activity system. It was considered teaching as activity system and it was carried through the activity “Vitruvian Man”. This activity took place in a Virtual Environment Supported by Statistical Literacy–AVALE and involved 34 teachers. By using the Engeström’s model, we characterized subject, community, objects, tools, rules and division of labor all together. We also investigated the classroom interactions and tensions, characterizing the microanalysis Subjects’ actions had been observed, filmed and audio-recorded. The analysis pointed out that activity contributes to develop: subject’s criticizes dimension, the scientific discovery, and social practices.