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Social representations of French-speaking undergraduate students in humanities and social studies in the use and difficulties in learning statistics


Alain Bihan-Poudec, François Larose


Alain Bihan-Poudec (France)


In this paper, we shall present the results of two successive surveys carried out among Frenchspeaking students at the undergraduate level regarding their representations of the training they received in statistics, of this subject matter’s academic and professional uses, and of the stumbling blocks encountered while learning it. The first set of data was gathered in 2007-2008 from 666 students. The following year, a more in-depth survey, which included semi-structured interviews, was conducted with 146 other students. Data show that representations of statistics vary according to whether the students are in pre-service or continuing education, and according to their academic or professional experience. In addition, and in accordance with Shaughnessy (2006), results show that statistical education is only as effective as the level that students integrate it into their education project.