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Toward improving the quality of doctoral education: a focus on statistics, research methods, and dissertation supervision


Rossi Hassad (United States)


Doctoral education (PhD) in the USA has long been characterized as being in a crisis, yet empirical research to identify possible determinants is limited, in particular, faculty competence has received only scant research attention. This study ascertained from students, faculty and consultants, their concerns about the teaching of statistics and research (including dissertation supervision). The responses encompass the curriculum, pedagogy, content knowledge, support, and accountability. The current U.S. doctoral education model needs to be systematically reviewed toward assessing its relevance to the changing needs of the disciplines and the job market. In this regard, the almost universal emphasis on evidence-based practice, especially in the disciplines of health and behavioral sciences must be given major consideration. Reform initiatives must also address the roles and qualifications of dissertation committee members (including consultants), the composition of the dissertation committee, and training geared toward preparing and certifying faculty to serve as dissertation committee members