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A comparative analysis between statistical tools adopted in scientific research of the speech therapy area and contents present in the area course syllabuses


Maria Cláudia C Grácio, Cora S T Paiva, Patrícia S O Souza


Maria Cláudia C Grácio (Brazil)


The aim is to compare the statistical tools employed in research of the Speech Therapy area and contents present in course syllabuses of Statistics related disciplines in the Speech Therapy Education, with the purpose of verifying congruence/coherence. The supposition is that the contents of the Statistics syllabus should be congruent to those that have been considered relevant to scientific research activities. The investigation covered 343 scientific papers published in three Speech Therapy periodicals from the Online Brazilian Scientific Electronic Library–SciELO and 12 Statistics course syllabuses of the Speech Therapy area, in Brazil. Concerning the results of the analysis, although descriptive statistical tools present in the course syllabuses are congruent with the ones most adopted by researchers, there are many inferential statistical tools also considered relevant to the area that are not present.