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The opinion of the family about the performance of the schoolchild bringing knowledge to his/her own family: statistics on prevention of mouth cancer


Maria Lucia Marçal Mazza Sundefeld, Lucas Correa Homse, Annelise Katrine Carrara Prieto, Marco Aurélio Borella Rodrigues


Maria Lucia Marçal Mazza Sundefeld (Brazil)


The “Statute of the Child and Adolescent”, 8.069 Federal Law of 1990, ensures that children and adolescents should have basic rights to health care and they should have some participation in decisions of their interest. This research aims to verify whether the schoolchildren are capable of transmitting some knowledge of statistics and health to their families. It was a non-probabilistic and intentional sampling of very low socio-economic public school. A questionnaire was answered by the schoolchildren. Lectures using data in a real context in order to improve the planning on the family budget and good habits were carried out. The schoolchildren were provided with educational materials to use them with their family. The schoolchildren were assessed again and the parents were interviewed. The result showed that there was improvement in the number of the schoolchildren’s right answers and the families confirmed that the students spread this knowledge to their home.