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Statistical training in humanities and social sciences in group and at distance: exploration of the effects of teaching and lerning on collaborative work through the observable traces of social interactions in a system of online distance education


Jean-Claude Régnier, Annick Pradeau, Muhammad Shahid Farooq


Jean-Claude Régnier (France)


This paper focuses on the organization and content of social interactions in a group of students engaged in learning Statistics. The importance of social interactions in the teaching and learning is largely based on socio-constructivist theories. We intended to look at the micro-level exchanges between students engaged in a complex task oriented teaching. Technical constraints and spatiotemporal characteristics influence on contributors engaged to achieve the common goal. This observation was made through quantitative and qualitative analysis of messages exchanged in a discussion of students. Learning Statistics through distance education and in a group situation are a new framework of experience. ‘What is at stake’ when a group of students learns Statistics without direct meetings, among themselves and with the teacher was the main question of the study.