Group C3C (Monday 14th, 13:45-15:45)  Chair: Lyn English
C105  Distance education of teachers of statisticsJeffrey Hovermill (United States)Brian Beaudrie
C146  Training prospective teachers for teaching of probability at secondary school in ColombiaEmilse Gómez-Torres (Colombia)
C147  Examining Venezuelan secondary school mathematics teachers’ professional competencies to teach statistics: focusing on the instruction of descriptive statisticsOrlando González (Japan)
C171  The professional knowledge of German secondary school teachers about descriptive statisticsStefanie Schumacher (Germany)
C189  Statistics content and pedagogy in a course for pre-service secondary math teachersKady Schneiter (United States)
C289  Bridging the gap of manpower training for statistics education in Nigerian colleges of education: an empirical evaluation of some selected colleges in south-western NigeriaOluokun Kasali Agunloye (Botswana)

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