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   (Monday 14th, 13:45-15:45)   In session C3C

Training prospective teachers for teaching of probability at secondary school in Colombia


Emilse Gómez-Torres (Colombia)


This paper presents a study of current guidelines for training mathematics teachers in Colombia. Its particular focus is the teaching of probability. The structure of the Colombian educational system and the rules for becoming a secondary school teacher are described. The mathematical and pedagogical training required to teach probability is analyzed into eleven bachelor programs for mathematics teachers. Because these programs spend only a few hours on training about probability and how to teach probability, and because there is a lack of specific mathematical training required for entering the teaching profession, the analysis concludes that there is a general lack of specific pedagogical training for teaching probability. One implication is that programs to educate teachers should extend class time to enhance the competence of prospective teachers in the design of educational activities and in recognition of students’ difficulties, mistakes and misconceptions about probability.