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   (Monday 14th, 13:45-15:45)   In session C3C

Distance education of teachers of statistics


Jeffrey Hovermill, Brian Beaudrie


Jeffrey Hovermill (United States)


A statistically literate citizenry is essential in any society. Teachers play a vital role in developing this expertise so it is very important to continually develop their capacity to teach statistics to the next generation. Teachers, however, are also often place- and time-bound and cannot commute to university cities between 9-5 to take face-to-face coursework. Connections: Statistics and Probability for Teachers, is an on-line course focused on preparing secondary and community college teachers to effectively teach statistics. This research-based course blends emphases on statistics content and pedagogy, and is part of a program focused on strengthening the depth of content knowledge, instructional strategies, and reflective practice of middle, high school, and community college teachers. This paper describes the structure and format of the course and how it fits into the overall program. Examples from the course and reflections from students are also shared.