Statistics education at school level



Statistics and hence statistics education are of vital importance to the whole of society and to all disciplines. The earliest introduction to statistical thinking occurs at the school level. Here a variety of techniques and concepts for data collection, handling and interpretation can be presented and explored, in harmony with concepts of chance. However the excitement of statistics and an appreciation of its utility can be sustained and enriched from perspectives beyond the school, and by an embracing of the challenges of engaging, empowering and intriguing young minds with the foundations of statistical thinking, and exhibiting its enormous power to harness and handle uncertainty.


2AEarly years statistics education: ages 4 - 8Christine Franklin (United States)
2BMiddle school statistics education: ages 8 - 13Helena Wessels (South Africa)
2CSecondary school statistics education: ages 13 +Andreas Eichler (Germany)
2DStatistical education at the Secondary/Higher Education interfaceJennifer Noll (United States)
2EUsing technology at school level to enhance statistical understandingMaria Meletiou-Mavrotheris (Cyprus)
2FInnovative approaches to improve pedagogical content knowledge at the school levelTim Burgess (New Zealand)
2GLinking research and practice in teaching and learning statistics at the school levelKatie Makar (Australia)