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This is a session of Topic 2: Statistics education at school level

(Tuesday 15th, 15:45-17:15)

Innovative approaches to improve pedagogical content knowledge at the school level



It is widely recognized that for effective teaching of statistics at the school level, sound pedagogical content knowledge is essential. Contemporary research in statistics education has explored what such pedagogical content knowledge might include. This knowledge includes knowledge of students and statistics (such as concepts that students find challenging and common misconceptions, or developmental paths in statistics), and knowledge of teaching and statistics (such as knowing appropriate representations for types of data, choosing appropriate contexts for student investigations, how to encourage students to develop appropriate problems for investigation, or appropriate teaching strategies to develop students’ inferential thinking). The challenge for teacher educators at both the pre-service (or initial) level and the in-service (or professional development) level is to find effective ways of developing pedagogical content knowledge. This session will focus on innovative approaches to developing teachers¹ pedagogical content knowledge.


PaperTitlePresenter / Co-author(s)
2F1Improving the perceived value and affect of statistics in elementary and middle school teachers through the development of pedagogical content knowledgeTamara Pearson (United States)
2F2Statistical knowledge for teaching: elementary preservice teachersChristine Browning (United States)
Joshua Goss (United States)
Dustin Smith (United States)
2F3High school teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge of variabilitySylvain Vermette (Canada)
Linda Gattuso (Canada)